E. Encourage Involvement


Growing your company does not only require your participation and involvement. It also needs the contribution of your employees.  emember that you cannot make it on your own. You will need your employees to help you fulfill the mission and goals of your business.

Whether it’s expanding your business, hitting target figures, or solving company problems and issues, it is important to get your employees involved in the management and decision-making process. Here’s why:


             1. Employee involvement is a form of training.

The best way for your remote contractors to learn is through experience. More than training courses, modules, and feedback, immersing them in your processes will help you learn more about them, especially their learning needs. This way you will have an idea on what they need to learn in accomplishing their tasks. 

When your remote contractors make progress or notice improvements in their performance, they become more excited to participate in the training and will be even more open to learning new things about your business. In the long run, your company will become a great learning environment for all of your employees.


         2. Employee involvement is motivating

The sense of oneness that employee involvement creates is one of the best motivators around. When your remote contractors see that everyone in the company is working hard to accomplish a business goal or solve a company issue, they feel a great need to work even harder. It’s not about getting into friendly competitions with colleagues, but it is more about being part of a family and contributing to its success. Knowing that they contributed something to the company makes them happy. And if they are happy doing their jobs, then they will feel empowered to do more. They feel that they are valued and needed by their colleagues and by the business.


            3. Employee involvement attracts talent and increases retention.



An employee-focused company is all for employee involvement. When you involve your remote contractors in company matters, you show them how much you care about their personal and career development. When you listen to their opinions and consider their views, they feel like there is so much room to grow in your company no matter how many years pass by. The best thing about this is that these happy professionals want their friends to experience the same thing. They will encourage others to join your company, attracting even more talent for
your business.


              4. Employee involvement develops resilience.

Whatever the nature of your business, change will always happen. For instance, COVID-19 happened, and just like that, businesses had to go remote to survive and protect their employees. Giving your employees a chance to be part of the big change helps make the process smoother.
Let them suggest ways of making the transition easier and listen to their opinions. Not letting them have their say may lead to resistance, and this can delay your transition and make it even more difficult for others to adjust to the new situation.


Final thoughts

Your Filipino remote contractors find pleasing people gratifying. They are always willing to go the extra mile to meet your expectations or even exceed them. They will put in the work, share their ideas, and apply their expertise to contribute in any way they can to your business. Needless to say, they are eager to be involved in company and team matters as much can as they develop a strong sense of community and family within your business.