D. Keep Them Happy and Engaged


Motivating employees means making them feel enthusiastic and passionate about their work every day so they can produce the best results for your business.

As a manager, the ultimate goal for your remote team is to create an environment that allows them to work smart, meet or exceed expectations, and feel valued. While tangible rewards such as payment for services may motivate them, you can also explore intangible rewards or incentives such as mentoring and giving them the freedom to work independently and opportunities to grow and develop to motivate them to do their best.


Be open and personable

Aim for personal contact with your remote contractors and bring an attitude of openness and honesty to the table.


Walk the talk

How you treat people will be reflected in how your team members treat each other, remote contractors included. Here are some positive behaviors in remote working interactions:

  • Welcome your remote contractors’ ideas and contributions.
  • Keep promises and follow through.
  • Respect your remote contractors’ time.
  • Should your remote contractors miss the mark, let them know, so they can repeat the task or make improvements. Do not criticise them behind their backs.


Pay what they’re worth

Don’t expect a remote contractor to do more work than a co-located employee. Do your research and be fair. Also, note that some people are more highly skilled and experienced and thus, more valuable. Payments will differ based on their skills, experience, personal needs, and your business needs. Trust your instincts and value your remote contractors.


Pay on time

Set payment arrangements and pay on time. This is a tangible motivator and a huge motivator for your staff. Remote contractors in the Philippines have family and extended family commitments, therefore, it’s vital that you respect that. A lot of people may be depending on their salary.


Give financial rewards or incentives (if possible)

Monetary rewards are also a clear way to motivate people. But if you can’t or don’t want to anchor great performance to monetary rewards, there are gifts or bonuses to incentivise your remote team whenever they do a great job or to celebrate their birthday. Here are some suggestions:

  • company merchandise such as coffee mugs, jackets, or planners
  • gift certificates
  • hotel accommodation
  • grocery baskets

You can also gamify reaching goals, and give them points for every goal achieved. These earned points can be used to buy company merchandise, can be converted into paid leaves, and a lot more.

Recognize and celebrate accomplishments in your way

Clients offer acknowledgements in different ways. You may be busy, but try to acknowledge accomplishments genuinely, and if possible, make time to celebrate them along with the rest of the


Create opportunities for social interaction

Who says team building can’t be done virtually? There are ways to promote camaraderie even online. Planning is the key.

Give freedom to work independently

Micro-managing is not a good motivator, so encourage remote contractors to have a go and “fail’ if need be. Push their boundaries to help them grow. Let them work on their own projects, using their own processes and expertise. This will empower them to do their best and increase their accountability on the project. Guide them whenever necessary and conduct regular check-ins.


Offer mentoring programs and training for both personal and professional development

Some people don’t just see external and tangible factors as motivators; they appreciate the opportunity to develop and grow personally and professionally as rewarding and motivating, too. Create the space for your remote contractors to learn and develop new skills, such as coaching sessions or online learning courses.


Final thoughts

Your staff appreciates being acknowledged and valued, so make the effort to tell them in a way that suits you. This can mean so much to an individual.

Instill positive values and behaviors personally and on an organizational level. Creating a work environment (virtual or not) full of various motivators does not only improve performance, but also increases enthusiasm and productivity for your organization.