3 – Achieve More Together

What You’ll Learn

a) Focus on what matters by delegating successfully
b) Improve teamwork by using collaborative technologies
c) Protect your confidential data and information in remote work


Teamwork is great even when we’re working from a distance. Whether you have only one staff or a small team, the basic principles of delegation and progress tracking will be useful for you. Digital communications technology is so advanced that it’s now easier to collaborate online. You don’t even have to be online at the same time to collaborate effectively.

When we work with others online, we inevitably share valuable and sometimes confidential information. It is critical then to perform steps to protect our data. After all, it’s much better to prevent a security breach than to deal with one. Following simple steps for information security helps you and your team collaborate without worries.

Key Concepts:

  1. Principles of Delegating to Remote Workers
  2. Tracking Progress Effectively
  3. RS Platform 
  4. Selecting Collaborative Technologies
  5. Confidentiality and Information Security


Quick Guide on Tracking Tools

List of Popular Tracking Tools

Daily Stand-Up Template

Security Risk Assessment Template

Template Download for Progress Report (coming soon)