2 – Boost Productivity Daily

What You’ll Learn

a) Communicate well, minimize delays, and limit disruptions by writing communication guidelines
b) Optimize access and sharing of information by using the right tools for communication.
c) Avoid conflicts by recognizing Filipino communication behaviors.


Effective Communication differentiate high-performing remote teams. Some remote teams fail to understand the impact of poor communication on operational efficiency and daily productivity.  

Learn about the various factors at play when we communicate online. Overcome the challenges of remote working by improving day to day interactions, using the right tools and coming up with communication guidelines for your team. We also examine the Filipino cultural norms that influence how they communicate at work. Understanding the cultural differences can help you prevent misunderstandings and relate well with your Filipino workers.

Key Concepts:

  1. Remote Communication Challenges
  2. Clear and Mindful Communication
  3. Digital Tools for Communication
  4. Filipino Cultural Imperatives
  5. Writing Team Guidelines for Communication


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Virtual Meeting Agenda Template

Common Mistakes When Working With Filipino Workers

Template Download for Write Communication Guidelines (coming soon)