1 – Set Them Up For Success

What You’ll Learn

a) Empower remote teams to take ownership by setting clear direction and key results.
b) Mitigate risks by aligning expectations on performance and behavior. 
c) Inspire great teamwork by building trust and empathy for robust work relationships. 



A successful remote team works well on their own with a clear direction from their leaders and managers. The team’s direction does not come from mere discussion of job responsibilities and deliverables during onboarding. It is about inspiring commitment through a shared understanding of important goals and its key results.

Because remote work limits your interactions, you won’t have as many opportunities to make connections with your remote workers. In this module, find simple ways to intentionally build trust and model empathy to create a remote-friendly culture for your offshore team. And explore how to involve your Filipino staff in your organization’s activities and events to integrate them with the rest of your company.

When they are clear on the importance of their work and team, performance and behavioral expectations, and feel valued just like your co-located staff, they are empowered to give their best at work every day. You lay the groundwork for a long-term happy working relationship.

Key Concepts and Topics

  1. Creating Agreements on:
    • Shared goals for team and organization, 
    • Alignment of performance and behavior expectations
    • Plan for success and its key results
  2. Building Trust and Promoting Empathy At Work
  3. Integration through Employee Involvement



Quick Guide to Building Trust in Remote Teams

Goal Setting Template

Template for Getting to Know Activity (coming soon)