Program Outcome

Prepare your remote staff for success by clarifying key results and aligning expectations.

Develop a remote-friendly work culture where people can do their best work and still look after their wellbeing.

Accelerate performance and support knowledge-sharing by maximizing digital communication tools.

Bridge the cultural gaps with your Filipino workers to build a strong remote team.

Learning Goals


  • Empower remote teams to take ownership by setting clear direction and key results
  • Mitigate risks by aligning expectations on performance and behavior
  • Inspire great teamwork by building trust and empathy for robust work relationships


  • Communicate well, minimize delays, and limit disruptions by writing communication guidelines
  • Optimize access and sharing of information by using the right tools for communication
  • Avoid conflicts by recognizing Filipino communication behaviours


  • Focus on what matters by delegating successfully
  • Improve teamwork by using collaborative technologies
  • Protect your confidential data and information in remote work



Quick Guide to Building Trust in Remote Teams

Common Mistakes When Working With Filipino Workers

Quick Guide on Tracking Tools

List of Popular Tracking Tools

Goal Setting Template

Virtual Meeting Agenda Template

Daily Stand-Up Template

Security Risk Assessment Template

Template for Getting to Know Activity (coming soon)

Template Download for Write Communication Guidelines (coming soon)

Template Download for Progress Report (coming soon)